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Are you looking to study a Bachelor of Education course at the prestigious Kenyatta University? Then you have come to the right place! I hope that this comprehensive guide will cover everything you might ever need to know about the course.


Bachelor of Education, dubbed B.ED, is a four-year course that prepares students to work in the Educational Sector as teachers, educationalists, researchers, administrators, and many more employment opportunities.

Is it offered at KU? Of course, yes. It would be an abominable offense if Kenyatta University did not offer one of the most sought-after degree programs in Kenya!

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School of Education – Kenyatta University


I know many people would like to know the real answer to this question and whether it is worth it to pursue the course.

Yes of Course!

The fact that many teachers are retiring from service, and that there will never be a shortage of school-going children underscores the notion that educational courses will remain in demand for many years to come.

The following are some of the qualifications and requirements needed in order to qualify for the course:

·         Mean grade of C+ (plus) at KCSE or equivalent with at least C+ (plus) or equivalent in two subjects of choice
·         OR Mean grade of C (Plain) at KCSE or Div. III at KCE or equivalent with P1 Certificate or Diploma in Science Education or KACE with two (2) principal passes and one (1) subsidiary.
·         OR Mean grade of C- (Minus) at KCSE or equivalent with Certificate and Diploma in relevant field from a recognized institution.

Cut-Off Points for B.Ed. Courses at Kenyatta University

The cut-off points for Bachelor of Education depend on the type of the course. For example, the Bachelor of Education Science had always had a higher cut-off point than the Arts. The following data has been taken from the KUCCPS student portal and it shows the points for the past few years.

When it comes to B.ED in KU, there are several individuals but related degrees to choose from. I will analyze each one of them a little bit so that you can make informed choices. So for each individual degree, I will highlight the minimum subject requirement and its cutoff points.

Educational Courses Offered in KU

The following are some of the Educational Courses offered at Kenyatta University:

  1. Bachelor of Education (Science)
  2. Bachelor of Education (Arts)
  3. Bachelor of Education (Library Science)
  4. Bachelor of Education (Physical Education)
  5. Bachelor of Education (Home Economics)
  6. Bachelor of Education (Special Needs Education)
  7. Bachelor of Education (ECDE)

Bachelor of Education (Science)

This degree program trains Secondary school teachers who can handle science subjects effectively. It encompasses the common science subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, Geography, and Physics.

The minimum grade required to do this course is a C+ in any of the Sciences (Biology/Physics/Chemistry), a C in Mathematics, and lastly at least a C Plain in English. The cutoff point for B.ED (Science) is :

  • 2020 – 37.373
  • 2019 – 37.800
  • 2018 – 35.966
  • 2017 – 34.996
  • 2016 – 37.024

Bachelor of Education (Arts)

B.Ed Arts trains competent teachers who can teach languages or humanities at secondary and tertiary levels. This is actually a degree with the most enrollment at KU as compared to other B.Ed courses.

Those students aspiring to do an Arts combination should ensure that they have a C Plain in English, C+ in either Geography/History/IRE/CRE, and at least D+ in Mathematics.

The cutoff points are as follows:

  • 2020 – 33.428
  • 2019 – 33.480
  • 2018 – 31.348
  • 2017 – 30.251
  • 2016 – 33.479

Bachelor of Education (Library Science)

This is also another well-known degree recognized by TSC. Students take the normal subject combinations under B. Ed Science or B.Ed Arts, and then do a few extra units that can help them manage school libraries.

At KU, the students under this program have a registration number starting with E34.

A minimum of C Plain in Mathematics is required when applying through the KUCCPS portal. Cutoff points for Education Library Science are usually lower when compared to Arts and Sciences.

  • 2020 – 24.840
  • 2019 – 25.291
  • 2018 – 24.640
  • 2017 – undefined
  • 2016 – 25.757

Bachelor of Education (Physical Education)

Healthy living is the goal of all human beings, most importantly the students. Teacher trainees of this course are taught all the fundamentals of physical and sports literacy. They combine PE subject with other another subject of their choice. 

Their registration number begins with E136.

Apart from the common minimum University entrance grade, a C Plain in Biology is needed to get qualified for this course. Its cutoff points are:

  • 2020 – 26.375
  • 2019 – 26.740
  • 2018 – 23.643
  • 2017 – undefined
  • 2016 – 23.567

Bachelor of Education (Home Economics)

Also known as the E23, home Economics students take Home Science as their core subject. In addition, they also take one other subject of their choice, excluding humanities and languages owing to CBC requirements as of now.

Cutoff points:

  • 2020 – 29.006
  • 2019 – 29.461
  • 2018 – 25.990
  • 2017 – 24.852
  • 2016 – 28.306

Bachelor of Education (Special Needs Education)

Teacher trainees of SNE are taught how to handle physically impaired students. This is one of the most paying educational courses once you graduate with a degree of B.Ed (SNE) from Kenyatta University.

Cutoff points:

  • 2020 – 36.140
  • 2019 – 35.350
  • 2018 – 32.322
  • 2017 – undefined
  • 2016 – 35.375

In addition, a student must have at least a C+ in both Mathematics and Biology, and a C Plain in either Kiswahili or English.

Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Development and Education)

Are you excited at the prospects of handling younger children at pre-primary and lower primary levels? Does drawing unrecognizable shapes of human beings or shouting Abukudu puts a smile on your face? If yes, ECDE is the best course for you.

What are the cut-off points for the previous years?

  • 2020 – 24.738
  • 2019 – 27.183
  • 2018 – 24.636
  • 2017 – undefined
  • 2016 – 27.020

Fee Structure at School of Education at Kenyatta University

Well, Kenyatta University Website indicates that the tuition fees for students hailing from East African countries is Kes 70,000 per year while for non-East Africans it is Kes 87,500 per year. In addition, a student pays Statutory fees of Kes 19,900/- p.a. Check the image below:

However, students under government sponsorship (JAB/KUCCPS) pay much lower than this. As of the academic year 2020/2021, the amount was Kes 41,750 for one academic year. But you need to confirm the same from your admission letter.

The complete fee structure for KUCCPS students can be found here. However, if you are a Self-Sponsored, you need to confirm your fee on this page.

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