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A few weeks ago, I made a post that covered a comprehensive guide for those students wanting to pursue a Bachelor of Education course.

However, many readers emailed me to make another post about the marketable and TSC – Approved B.Ed. subject combinations that they can pursue in 2022 and beyond.

And as a person who deeply cares about his readers – this is the post.

Which Subject Teachers are in demand in Kenya?

It is an open secret that some subject combinations in Kenyan secondary schools are more marketable than others.

According to recent data released by the Teachers Service Commission, humanities and languages have suffered a mass oversupply of teacher trainees seeking recruitment.

At some schools in the latest TSC countrywide recruitment, hundreds of applicants have turned up for interviews for some two or three advertised positions. This leaves us with a major question:

What are the Marketable Subject Combinations that can guarantee Immediate Employment After Graduation?

It has been noted that the following subjects have an undersupply of teachers:

  • Home Science
  • Computer Studies
  • Art and Design
  • Drawing and Design
  • Woodwork
  • Music
  • Foreign Languages such as French and German
  • Sciences – especially Physics
  • Islamic Religious Education (IRE)
  • Kenyan Sign Language

Having seen the most marketable subject combinations, now let’s dive into the complete TSC Approved Subject Combinations.

Bachelor of Education Science Subject Combinations

B. Ed Science trains secondary and tertiary level teachers who can handle STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) subjects very well. The possible subject combinations you can take include:

  1. Chemistry / Physics
  2. Chemistry / Biology
  3. Chemistry / Mathematics
  4. Biology / Mathematics
  5. Biology / Home science
  6. Biology / Agriculture
  7. Biology / Geography
  8. Physics / Computer Studies
  9. Physics / Mathematics
  10. Agriculture / Home Science
  11. Agriculture / Geography
  12. Agriculture / Mathematics
  13. Mathematics / Computer Studies
  14. Agriculture / Business

Bachelor of Education Arts Subject Combinations

The Arts Faculty deals with humanities, religious studies, and languages as we shall see:

  1. Mathematics / Business
  2. Geography / Business
  3. Geography / CRE
  4. Geography / French
  5. Geography / German
  6. Geography / PE
  7. Geography / History
  8. Geography / IRE
  9. Geography / Mathematics
  10. Geography / Kiswahili
  11. Kiswahili / History
  12. Kiswahili / IRE
  13. Kiswahili / CRE
  14. Kiswahili / Fasihi
  15. History / IRE
  16. History / CRE
  17. History / Music
  18. History / French
  19. History / German
  20. History / PE
  21. English / Literature
  22. English / CRE
  23. English / IRE
  24. English / Kiswahili
  25. IRE / Arabic


Am I limited to doing only the subjects shown in this list?

NO – because specific universities allow you to combine any two subjects of your liking. Which universities are those? I shall explain in the section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Teaching Really Marketable in Kenya?

Yes – a Bachelor of Education is and will remain to be one of the most marketable courses in Kenya. This is due to two factors: (a) natural attrition due to the retirement of old teachers, and (b) students are always available – come what may!

Basic Admission Requirements to pursue Bachelor of Education in Kenyan Universities?

The requirement needed is a minimum of C+ score at KCSE level, and C+ and above for each of your two preferred teaching subjects. A diploma in Education from a recognized university or college can also grant you admission.

Universities Offering Teaching Courses in Kenya?

Kenya has over 70 universities and 193 colleges according to KUCCPS Database. This poses the problem of choosing the best institution to pursue educational courses. However, I have compiled a list of top-notch institutions you can join.

Though not limited to this list, the institutions offering Bachelor of Education courses include Kenyatta University, University of Nairobi, Moi, Egerton, Mount Kenya University, Maseno, Maasai Mara, Chuka University, and Meru University.

Check out the list of the worst universities in Kenya.

Does JKUAT Offer Educational Courses?

No – JKUAT is primarily for Agriculture and Technology courses.

Can I take a Teaching Course with a C Plain?

Yes, but at the diploma level. You also need to have at least a C+ in both of your subjects. You can upgrade later on to a degree but there are high chances of securing TSC employment with even a diploma.

Can I become a Teacher with a Bachelor of Science or Arts?

Yes and No. After completing your Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) or Arts (BA), you will pursue a Postgraduate Diploma in Education for one year. However, TSC has recently banned a sizable number of BA and B.Sc. courses from securing employment in teaching professions.

Any foreseeable future trends in Education?

The implementation of the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) is a game-changer in the Kenyan Educational sector. Teaching has now evolved from being teacher-based to learner-based.


Being a teacher is like a calling. It is not like any other profession you can just wake up and say “I want to become a teacher” while yawning. It needs a lot of dedication and sacrifice.
But if you have set up your mind to pursue this noble profession, then a whole lot of adventure is awaiting you!
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  1. Dennis Oketch

    Where can I get English/computer studies?

    1. Moha

      KU is a bit flexible when it comes to subject combinations. You can try KU

  2. Sheila

    Can i pursue the history/German combination although German is not among the subjects i sat in KCSE?

    1. Moha

      No. You can only teach the following 4 subjects even if you didn’t do it at KCSE level:
      1. Agriculture
      2. Home Science
      3. Computer Studies
      4. Business

      You can refer to the official TSC website

      1. Festus ngeno

        Do I pursue chemistry geography?

        1. Moha

          Hello Festus. Your question can be interpreted in two ways. However, let me try to answer each.

          1. Should I choose Chemistry/Geography as a combination?
          It depends with you. No one should choose a combination for you. Do a deep soul search on your interests and abilities. After that you can come up with a suitable subject combination.

          2. Is there a combination of Chemistry/Geo in TSC?
          I don’t think so. I’ve seen Biology/Geography but I’m not sure about Chem and Geo.

  3. Mercy Cherop

    I did my KCSE this year. Where can I pursue mathematics and computer as a combination?

    1. Moha

      Yes sure. It is offered in institutions like MKU and KU

  4. Stephen Juma

    What are the subject combinations of homescience ,when I want to pursue education

    1. Moha

      You can combine Homescience with several other subjects.

      Most common include:
      1. Biology
      2. Computer
      3. Chemistry
      4. Physics
      5. P.E

  5. Anonymous

    Can I change subject combination at the third year of my studies

    1. Moha

      Yes, you can change your course even in the third year. But you’ll need to do all the required units for the subject (8 units for minor subject, and 15/16 units for major subject)

      1. Brian

        Can I take a degree course in Mathematics and Computer studies under BEd Arts?

        1. Moha

          Hello Brian,
          Most institution offer Math/comp under both B.ed Arts and B.Ed Science. So yes, you can do it

      2. Felix

        Can pursue computer studies only without combining with other subjects

        1. Moha

          Uh no 🙂 B.ed students must take two subject combination to be able to qualify for TSC recruitment.

  6. Duncan Mutua

    you are from a KU, right? UON is the best school and you mention it seldom.MH!

    1. Moha

      Yes sure, you got that right! I am from KU 🙂
      The main aim of this website is to provide accurate information for my readers. That’s why I do not just write any unverified info here (like which subject combinations are offered at UoN. If you got a moment I’d like to know whether Computer Studies is offered over there.)
      While I respect UoN for being the oldest university in the country, I think that other newer campuses (read as KU) are giving them a run for their money nowadays 😉

  7. Weldon

    Will I get a TSC no after graduating with AGED having a D+ in English and C in kiswahili??

    1. Moha

      Hello Weldon, I think this question should be directed to TSC. You can get more detailed and factual answers from them.
      1. CALL: 0722 208 552 / 0777 208 552
      2. EMAIL:
      3. Or through the contact form on their website.

  8. Brian kipkoech

    Apart from comp/maths, comp/physics, what are the other combinations that combines with comp, and are they approved by TSC?

    1. Moha

      I’ve seen:
      1. Comp / Business
      2. Comp / Home Science
      3. Comp / French or German
      4. Comp / PE

  9. Hamphry

    Can I do biology and agriculture though I didn’t do agriculture in high school

    1. Moha

      Yes sure 👍 You only need a C+ in Biology which I assume you got.

      Download this TSC DOCUMENT and read the guidelines. I have screenshot the section for quick reference.


  10. Mark

    I took information technology can I do post graduate in comp.and.english

    1. Moha

      Hello Mark. Please contact TSC for more information:

      1. CALL: 0722 208 552 / 0777 208 552
      2. EMAIL:
      3. Or through the contact form on their website.

  11. Sarah Simuli

    Do you know any university offering bed arts in computer and mathematics

    1. Moha

      Yes Sarah, I do. I am not certain about other institutions but Kenyatta University offers it. Please refer to this post about requirements for pursuing B.Ed in Kenyatta University

  12. Uwezo

    Can one pursue biology/ computer studies as subject combination

    1. Moha

      Hello. There is no such combinations.
      For Biology, you can combine it with:
      1. Chemistry
      2. Mathematics
      3. Home science
      4. Agriculture
      5. Geography
      6. PE
      For Computer, the following are recognized combinations:
      1. Mathematics
      2. Physics
      3. Home science
      4. Business Studies
      5. PE
      6. French or German
      Now listen here. (I’m not referring to the person who commented above but to everyone in general joining campuses for various educational courses).
      Universities will let you do ANY combination you wish, even Biology/Kiswahili.
      Sometimes, they don’t even bother to confirm whether you’ve got the required C+ in your teaching subjects. They are just after your money. Sad, but that’s the truth.
      If you are thinking of getting employed by TSC in the future, think about whether your subject combination is recognized by the current market. I’ve heard many sad stories of people graduating only to find themselves unemployable.

  13. Moha

    Hello all. Thanks for reading my post. I appreciate all the comments you’ve made up here. Now, since I’m quite busy at the moment and may not have the chance to reply to your queries, I’ve decided to turn off comments.
    You can refer to the post and the previous comments to see if your issue has been addressed. For more complex issues, please contact TSC or your university.

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