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Wikipedia defines Pharmacy as a Clinical Health Science that links Medical Science with Chemistry.

Pharmacists are responsible for prescribing and dispensing medication, disease prevention and management, and counseling patients in hospitals, personal pharmacies, and dispensaries.

With a hefty salary and flexible working hours, becoming a pharmacist is the dream of most Kenyan students.

And the easiest way of attaining this dream is to pursue a Diploma or Degree program that would train and equip you with the necessary skills.

If you have been looking for information regarding studying Bachelor of Pharmacy at Kenyatta University, then this article is meant for you.

Bachelor of Pharmacy at Kenyatta University

BPharm is an undergraduate program offered by the School of Pharmacy at Kenyatta University.

If you didn’t know before, School of Pharmacy was setup in 2018 by KU Administration. Previously, it was known as the Department of Pharmacy and Complementary/Alternative Medicine within the School of Medicine at the Main Campus.


This degree course is fully accredited by the Pharmacy and Poisons Board of Kenya.

Entry Requirements / Qualifications

What are the entry requirements for studying this course?

To be accepted in the BPharm program at Kenyatta University, you need to have the following minimum requirements:

  • University Entrance grade of at least C+ in KCSE
  • B (plain) in both Biology and Chemistry
  • C+ in either Mathematics or Physics
  • B (plain) in either English or Kiswahili

Holders of any degree in Biological Sciences or Chemistry from Kenyatta University or recognized institutions are accepted.

Furthermore, KU accepts Diploma holders from the following fields of study, provided that they scored C+ in KCSE:

  • Pharmaceutical Technology
  • Laboratory Technology
  • Clinical Medicine
  • Radiology
  • Basic and/or Advanced Nursing
  • Public Health / Environmental Health
  • Dental Sciences
  • Diploma in Biological Sciences

KUCCPS Cluster Points for Bachelor of Pharmacy at Kenyatta University

For those joining through the Kenya University and Colleges Central Placement Service, the following are the cut-off points for the recent years:

  • 2021 – undefined
  • 2020 – 43.508
  • 2019 – 43.525
  • 2018 – 42.262
  • 2017 – 41.515

Hopefully, you have qualified to study this course. Let’s continue.

Course Duration

This course is done for FIVE (5) Academic Years, each consisting of Three (3) Trimesters.

BPharm Lecture Halls KU
Caption: Bachelor of Pharmacy Students in Class

BPharm Units

To be able to graduate, you need to do and pass the following units:

Level 100

Semester I

HMA 110(P): Human Anatomy I
HMB 110: Biochemistry I
SCH 110: Chemistry I
SMA 110: Mathematics and Statistics
HSU 100: Basic Life Support

Semester II

HMA 120: Human Anatomy II
HMB 120: Biochemistry II
HMP 120: Medical Physiology I
SCH 120: Chemistry II

Semester III

HMA 130: Human Anatomy III
HMB 130: Biochemistry III
HMP 130: Medical Physiology II
SCH 130: Chemistry III

Level 200

Semester I

HMB 210: Biochemistry IV
HMP 210: Medical Physiology III
HPA 210(P): Pathology I
SCH 210: Chemistry IV

Semester II

SCH 220: Chemistry V
HMM 220: Microbiology I
HMP 220: Medical Physiology V
HPA 220(P): Pathology II

Semester III

HMB 230: Biochemistry V
HMP 230: Medical Physiology VI
HMM 230: Microbiology II

Level 300

Semester I

PPB 310: Pharmacology I
PPA 310: Pharmaceutics I
PPC 310: Pharmaceutical Chemistry I
PPD 310: Pharmacognosy I

Semester II

PPB 320: Pharmacology II
PPA 320: Pharmaceutics II
PPC 320: Pharmaceutical Chemistry II
PPD 320: Pharmacognosy II

Semester III

PPB 330: Pharmacology III
PPC 330: Pharmaceutical Chemistry III
PPD 330: Pharmacognosy III
PPE 330: Social and Behavioural Pharmacy

Level 400

Semester I

PPB 410: Pharmacology IV
PPA 410: Pharmaceutics III
PPF 410: Clinical Pharmacy I
PPD 410: Pharmacognosy IV

Semester II

PPB 420: Pharmacology V
PPA 420: Pharmaceutics IV
PPC 420: Pharmaceutical Chemistry IV
PPF 420: Clinical Pharmacy II

Semester III

PPF 430: Clinical Pharmacy III
PPT 430: Complementary and Alternative Medicine
PPM 430: Pharmacy Management
PPG 510: Attachment

Semester IV

PPG 510: Attachment

Level 500

Semester I

PPG 510: Research Methods and Project
PPA 510: Pharmaceutics V
PPC 510: Pharmaceutical Chemistry V

Semester II

PPG 510: Project and Attachment
PPB 520: Pharmacology VI
PPA 520: Pharmaceutics VI
PPC 520: Pharmaceutical Chemistry VI
PPL 520: Pharmacy Law and Ethics

Semester III

PPB 530: Pharmacology VII
PPA 530: Pharmaceutics VII
PPC 530: Pharmaceutical Chemistry VII
PPF 530: Clinical Pharmacy IV
PPF 535: Oncology

Bachelor of Pharmacy Fee Structure at Kenyatta University

East African students pay Kes. 400,000 per year for the course while for non-East Africans, it is Kes. 515,000. The statutory Fee is Kes. 55,200 per year. This is for Self-Sponsored students.

For those joining through KUCCPS, you can download your fee structure here.

That was the complete guide to BPharm at Kenyatta University. If you have any questions, you can contact me, or you can simply drop a comment below.

Bpharm Students KU Selfie session
Caption: BPharm Comrades Selfie Session after classes

I will continuously update this faq section as I receive more questions from my readers:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Apart from Pharmacy, What Other Medical Courses Can I take at KU?

I have written articles on Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, and Bachelor of Science (Nursing). You can check them out.

2. I was Admitted for a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering and I want to change it to BPharm. What are the procedures to follow?

You can change course within two weeks at the beginning of the Semester by downloading and filling out an Inter/Intra School Transfer Form.

3. Do you Know About the Bachelor of Pharmacy Salary in Kenya?

An average salary of a Pharmacist in Kenya is about Kes. 130,000 per month with an undergraduate degree. However, this number can go as high as Kes. 290,000 and as low as Kes. 80,000 depending on several factors such as location.

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