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Do you want to pursue Computer Science at Kenyatta University? Do you also want to know about the course outline, cut-off points, qualifications, fee structure, and most importantly – whether Computer Science is marketable in Kenya?

Then you have come to the right place.

But first of all? Does KU offer a course in Computer Science?

This is a common question I usually get from prospective students who want to undertake the course.

The simple answer is Yes.

Kenyatta University is one of the best universities in Kenya when it comes to technological and computing courses.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science is offered as an undergraduate course at the School of Engineering at KU.

Admission Requirements for Pursuing B.Sc. Computer Science

According to the official Kenyatta University webpage, the following are the minimum requirements needed to pursue the course:

  • Mean Grade of at least C+ during KCSE exams
  • B+ in Mathematics
  • B+ in Physics
  • C+ in English
  • Applicants with an Accredited Diploma in Computer Science or a related field such as Software Engineering from a recognized university can also be given admission. Provided that they had a mean grade of C in KCSE with at least a C+ in both Physics and Mathematics.

Those who are applying through Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) portal should take note of the required cut-off point.

In the recent years the cut-off points for Computer Science at KU have been as follows:

     YEAR    Cut-Off points

  • 2016 – 42.779
  • 2017 – 41.958
  • 2018 – 41.559
  • 2019 – 42.442
  • 2020 – 41.828
  • 2021 – (undefined)

How to Apply for Admission into B.Sc. Computer Science at KU

Having seen the minimum requirements needed to study the course, I would now like to elaborate on how you can apply for this course.

You can either apply through the KUCCPS portal if you like to get the government sponsorship. Or you can apply directly by going to Kenyatta University-Main Campus Admissions Block.

Learn how to download KU’s Admission letters here.

Computer Science Course Outline

What does the entire course entail? Don’t worry anymore. I have compiled the list of units that you will undertake for the entire four years of doing the course.

Unit code might change over time, so I had to remove it but the unit titles are as follows:

Level 100 (First Year)

Communication Skills
Computer Fundamentals
Introduction to Programming
Computer Organization and Architecture I
Discrete Mathematics
Mathematical Foundations for Computer Science
Development Studies
Introduction to Critical and Creative Thinking
Object-Oriented Programming I
Data Communication Technologies
Foundations of Artificial Intelligence

Linear Algebra for Computer Science

Level 200 (Second Year)

Object-Oriented Programming II
Data Structures and Algorithms
Database Systems
Object-Oriented Analysis and Design
Calculus II
Probability and Statistics for Computer Science
Computer Organization and Architecture II
Software Testing and Quality Assurance
Web Development Technologies
Microprocessor and Assembly Language Programming
Automata Theory
System Analysis and Design
Operating Systems
Entrepreneurship and Business Planning

Level 300 (Third Year)

Computer Networks
Software Project Management
Advanced Database Systems
Programming Languages
Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Component Programming
Numerical Analysis I
Compiler Construction
Simulation and Modelling
Computer Graphics
Human-Computer Interface
Research Methods and Technical Writing
Electronic Commerce

Industrial Attachment

Level 400 (Fourth Year)

Project (2 units)
Legal and Ethical Issues in Computing
Computer Systems Security
Information Systems Management
Distributed Systems
Mobile Computing and Wireless Technology
Research Methodology

Then a Computer Science student is supposed to select all four units from one of the following areas of specialization:

Net-Centric Computing

Network Management
Networked Applications
Multimedia Technologies

Intelligent Systems

Natural Language Processing
Neural Networks
Data Warehouse and Data Mining

Information Systems

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems
Decision Support Systems
Information System Auditing

The information above has been taken from this source.

Kenyatta University Computer Science Fees

The fees supposed to be paid by a student pursuing Computer Science at KU depend on the mode of study.

I have written a blog post on the fee structure for both KUCCPS and Self-Sponsored students which you can check out.


Studying Computer Science at one of the Premier Institutions in the country might be one of the best decisions you might ever make.

If developing various software and learning different computer programming languages is your passion, then I would advise you to go for it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Computer Science Marketable in Kenya?

Yes. A degree in Computer Science would guarantee you employment in various sectors including but not limited to apps, games, Web Development, Programming, System Analysis, Database Management, and many others.

What Subjects are required for Computer Science in Kenya?

To qualify for studying CS at Kenyatta University or other Kenyan Universities, a student must pass Mathematics, Physics, and English at the KCSE level. Taking Computer Studies while in secondary school would be an added advantage, though not an admission requirement.

Does Kenyatta University offer a bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering?

No. KU Does not offer a degree in Software Engineering. You can check out all the courses offered in Kenyatta University (PDF also available).

How Long Does it Take to Study Computer Science?

The answer is 4 years – just like any other normal Bachelor’s Degree.

What are the Disadvantages of Taking a bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science?

The bitter truth is: that no matter how satisfying a profession is, it doesn’t lack a few limitations. While offering privileges such as a hefty salary and the ability to work remotely from anywhere, you will sometimes have to work under a tight schedule to complete a project before a tight deadline.

So that was the complete guide to the Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) at Kenyatta University. Thanks for reading!

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