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Are you a student at Kenyatta University and looking for the step-by-step procedure on how to call off the Semester?

Well, then I am delighted to inform you that I have prepared the exact steps for doing the same.

Calling off the semester or deferment of studies is the process of postponing studies to a future date. It is essentially pausing your studies until you want to resume from where you left.

But you need to have a valid reason for doing it. Or else your request may be rejected.

So, let’s dive into some of the valid reasons Kenyatta University Administration accepts.

  • Lack of School Fees or Late Payment of the fees. KU allows students to call off the semester when they could not raise the required tuition fees by the end of the payment deadline.
  • Health issues: if you have some health concerns and maybe you want to seek some special treatment that may interfere with your studies, you can request to call the Semester off.
  • Work issues: this is also another valid reason for deferring your Studies.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Any other valid reason, as long as you have the required evidence.

In the yesteryears, calling off the Semester at KU was a hectic process…until the school administration came up with a more efficient procedure to do it.

To defer the Semester, you need to write an official letter to the Office of Academic Registrar requesting to call off.

In the Sender’s section of your letter (top left corner), indicate your Name, Registration Number, School, and Phone Number. You can include the date of sending the letter.

In the Recipient’s Section (skip one line after the date), write “To: The Academic Registrar – Kenyatta University”. Then the reference you may write is “Request for Calling Off the Semester”.

In the body, be succinct and go straight to the point on why you want to call off. Clearly indicate the reason and the Semester you wish to return to in the future.

Keep in mind that it is a Request, not a command. However, most applications for calling off the Semester are usually accepted without much ado.

To save you from the hassle of writing the letter by yourself, I have created a template you can use.

Student Deferment Letter Sample








Re: Request for Calling Off the Semester

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to ask whether it is possible to defer my studies.

I would like to defer my studies at Kenyatta University from {indicate Semester} to {indicate Semester} and resume on {Indicate Semester}.

My reason for calling off is {indicate reason, e.g., financial challenges, health issues, etc}. I hope to have raised the required money by the start of the next academic session / finished my treatment etc.

I understand that it is not easy to defer studies but this is an urgent priority for me, please. I would be delighted to hear from you in person.

Yours sincerely,


Mobile Number.

After you finish writing the letter, you need to physically take it to Admissions Block.

As for the specific room number, you can ask the receptionists and they will direct you to the appropriate room.

Make sure that it is stamped as soon as you drop it there.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the Deadline for Submitting the Letter after the Start of the Semester?

The deadline for submitting your request is two weeks after the deadline for registration of units. You can check the memo below for confirmation:

call off a semester in kenyatta university

2.       What Happens if my request for Calling Off is rejected?

As I said earlier, most applications go through.

However, in the chance that yours is rejected, it may be that you gave flimsy reasons or one that is not convincing enough to warrant a call-off.

If it is rejected, any unit registered during the semester will be graded as FAIL and you will do a Retake.

3.       What happens to my Student Portals and Kusoma platforms after I call off?

Freezed, Frozen! It has been noted that some students may go ahead and register for their units after calling off.

Hence, a hold is put on your student portal to prevent that mix-up. This also aids in preventing your fees from being deducted while you are away.

When you call off successfully, your student portal Menu will look like this:

An inactive Kenyatta University Student Portal
Notice that Academics is missing

Important tip: Do NOT register for units if you are planning to defer the Semester. This is because it usually takes time to remove your units from the portal in case you registered them.

4.       What Should I do when I wish to return back to my studies?

If you want to resume studies, you’ll need to go to Admissions Block room 2. They will give you a Resumption letter (see image below)

Letter of resuming studies Kenyatta University

Then, you’ll take this letter to Finance Department and they will change your Student Status from “SEM OFF” to “Active”.

Lastly, visit Room 116 (at Admissions Block) to get your student portal fully activated.


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Interacting with my readers gives me joy.

So, in case of any queries, feel free to use the comment section below. I would get back to you asap.


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  1. Abigail

    What happens when you are not on session and you didn’t write a deferment letter.

    1. Moha

      It depends on whether you have registered units or not.

      If you didn’t register, then your account will be suspended for a direct deferment without your fee being used…but remember you will need the calling off/deferment letter to activate back your account and remove the registration hold.

      But if you registered units, it will be graded as a FAIL and you will have to do a Retake.

  2. Abdiaziz

    How do you know if your letter has been approved?

    1. Moha

      You will see an hold on your portal when the process is successful.

      But it is best to confirm by calling the staff who work at Admissions Block particularly Mr Ajuogah.

      You can contact me & send your email or Whatsapp number and I will forward his phone number to you.

  3. Kimani James

    Do you need to write the letter if you did not register units? Is there any way to recover the fees money?

    1. Moha


      Writing the letter is a requirement for calling off the semester.

      As for the second question, please visit Finance Offices and they will adjust the fee for you. It is usually added to the tuition fee of the next academic semester

  4. Brian Kipkorir

    I was supposed to report as first year in September 2021 but I didn't report. I also did not write any letter. What should i do? My course is bachelor of arts (sociology)

    1. Moha

      Kenyatta University admission letter is valid for two years. Please visit Admissions Block room 105 for more info.

  5. Steve

    I was admitted in KU main campus in 2013 .b I attended my classes till 2016 and called off. Now I want to resume my studies, does it mean that I will start from first year and I was in third year semester two?

    1. Moha

      As far as I know, you will begin from where you left – in this case 3rd Year 2nd Sem. You need to go to Admissions Block and explain your issue clearly and they will issue you with a Resumption Letter.

      But you need to get prepared for any eventuality. Departments might have changed, and so are the unit codes.

  6. Tracy

    Hey if i call of a semester 2.1 can i
    Resume 2.2 or i will have to wait till am done with 2.1the following academic year

    1. Moha

      Yes. You can resume the next semester. After calling off, you won’t need to stay a whole academic year.

  7. Evans

    Thnks for the article it has helped me greatly. I submitted my letter on date 10 but I don't know if it is approved. What should I do. pls help

    1. Moha

      Thanks for finding my guides helpful. As for your question, if you submitted within two weeks after unit registration deadline, you application will definitely go through.

  8. Elizabeth Golimo

    Can you send me Mr Ajuogah’s number please, my email address is {Email hidden for privacy purpose}

    1. Moha

      Sent ✅ Check your email

  9. Teressa Chege

    I called off but finance charged me tuition fee of this sem. What should I do to recover the money please

    1. Moha

      Hello. If your call off went through successfully, the tuition fee shouldn’t be charged.

      But in your case, you should visit Finance Office ground floor. They will easily sort out your issue. But make sure you have carried your student ID and Resumption Letter

  10. Joyce Kariuki

    Hi ,i haven't registered my units nor paid school fees this semester . Do i still have to write the call off letter ? And what will happen next semester ..i mean units.Will i do them as retake or?

    1. Moha

      If you haven’t registered units then there is no problems. Just visit the Admissions Block and they will instruct you on what to do.

      As for the units, you won’t do it as retakes. When they are offered next, register it as other normal units.

      1. Lilian

        Hello,I deferred my semesters in 2020 and resumed in 2021 an I what to defer again this academic year is it possible?

        1. Moha

          Yes sure. There is no limit on the number of times a student can defer studies

  11. muzukajey

    hi , i was not in session but i didn’t write a calling off semester letter ,now i was resuming this semester i went to finance office to remove registration hold they told me they need the resumption letter. What is resumption letter ?, is there any effect after failing to write call off letter…
    you can even reply to me via email: {Email hidden for privacy purpose}

    1. Moha

      A resumption letter is given to students who have previously called off semesters and now want to resume their studies.

      Go to the Admissions Block and you will be given the Resumption Letter. I have sent the full instruction via your email.

      Best regards.

    2. Anonymous

      Hi Moha,how much money is charged when resuming to enable my migration from last year to this year?

      1. Moha


        I don’t think I have understood your question fully. Please contact me.

  12. Judith Maiyo

    I was supposed to report to school on 30th August but I didn’t not. I did not file for deferment either. What should I do?

    1. Moha

      Hello Judith.

      You need to write a deferment letter to officially call off the semester. Otherwise, the school will think that you will report later on this semester.

  13. Bryan O.

    I was supposed to report this week as a first year but due to financial constraints I won’t go should I write letter or do what? Advice please.

    1. Moha

      Hello, use the steps provided above to submit your request for Calling Off.

      1. Alex

        Your guide is helpful but I have one question.I called off 2nd semester of 1st year. I’ve reported 2nd year for 1st sem.Can I do an additional unit from the units in the semester I called off as I continue with 2nd year?And my student portal account is on hold and I have not gotten any feedback yet.Kindly help me?Thanks for taking time to assisting students.Looking forward to your reply.(I sent you a message with my email)

        1. Moha

          Hello Alex 👋 Thanks for finding my guides helpful. I wasn’t joking when I said I love interacting with my readers. Let’s tackle your questions one by one.

          1. The issue of doing units done in the semester you called off, I think it’s you to decide. My advise is to continue doing the same units with your classmates, and then you do the remaining units in your 3rd or 4th year. You’ll have less workload by then, maybe 4 or 5 units per sem and you can shove in the “called-off units”


          2. The hold on your portal will be removed if you visit the Admissions Block and get the Resumption Letter. Then, you’ll take the letter to Finance Department and they’ll activate the Students Portal for you. Have you followed this procedure?

          3. I think you provided wrong email when contacting me. Please check again and resubmit again. Or simply shoot me an email at 😁

  14. Annette

    Thanks Moha. You are so dedicated in replying all our comments. I am very far from school rn and their is some help I need, please reply to my email.

    1. Moha

      Already replied ✅. Please check your mail inbox and even spam folders

  15. Stanley

    Hello,,I activated semester and paid fees but didn’t sit my Y1S2 exams.Is there any possibility that I can proceed to Y2S1?And what can i do in order to do the missed exams or will they be considered as retakes?
    Kindly reply,,email; {hidden for privacy purposes}

    1. Moha

      If you paid fees, registered units but didn’t do your exams – it will be graded as FAIL and you’ll be forced to do retakes. Apart from few departments such as Medicine, I haven’t seen any other places where they offer supplementary exams.

  16. Njoki

    Hi Moha, so l called off my 2.1 due to late payment of fees and l was put on hold, so when l went to resume 2.2 l went for my letter from the old admin and proceeded to the finance office to resolve my hold…but l forgot to go to the room 116 for my portals to be activated…so when it came to registering for my units l was told my portals were still on hold and l had already paid my fees. I got ill and because my portals were on hold from the previous semester, l didn’t write a call off letter. So my question is did the fee l paid still in my account because am still on hold.

    1. Moha

      Hello Njoki, thanks for your response.
      Your situation seems a little bit complex but If I were you I would go to Admissions Block and explain everything to them (Room 2). What I know is that Fees are not deducted when your portal is on hold, but you should login and check.

  17. Samuel

    can I transfer my fee to someone else if i wish to call off the semester for 1 year

    1. Moha

      I cannot say with certainty whether this is possible or not. Please visit Finance Department and ask whether you can transfer fees to another student in KU. You’ll know the way forward depending on the answer they give you.
      Good luck.

  18. Anonymous

    When is one supposed to do the units he did not do when he called off the semester next year or after he finish 4th year . Or one is forced to triple sem so as to cope up with others

    1. Moha

      You can do them after fourth year. But make sure you confirm whether or not any of those units are prerequisites to other later units. Most of the KU departments do not provide trisems.

  19. Nanjala

    Hi Moha thanks for the information. So what happens to my accommodation fee if I have called off the semester

    1. Moha

      Hello Nanjala, concerning your query concerning the accomodation fee, please send an email to ( and state that you have deferred the semester. The Accomodation Department will process your request and add the accomodation fee back to the Tuition Fee.

      1. Nanjala

        I already wrote a call off letter bt I don’t see a hold on my portal what can be the problem

        1. Moha

          Your portal will appear as shown on the second last pic of the post. Several menu links such as Academics will be removed. AND THAT’S THE HOLD

  20. samantha

    Does the deadline mean whether i get an emergency after the deadline i cannot be allowed to call off?

    1. Moha

      If you fail to call off before deadline and you have neither paid fees nor registered units, you’ll be placed on an automatic call-off.
      Bytheway, it is not a must to bring the call off letter yourself. In case of an emergency you can ask your friend to do so.

  21. kendy

    Hi what happens in case I have to call off after the deadline and I have already paid fees and registered units due to unprecedented circumstances.

    1. Moha

      Hello, yours is a special circumstances. Unfortunately, I’m not a school staff to solve it. Please visit Admissions Block and explain the issues. I know they’ll tell you what will happen and what you should do.

  22. Moha

    Hello all. Thanks for reading my post. I appreciate all the comments you’ve made up here. Now, since I’m quite busy at the moment and may not have the chance to reply to your queries, I’ve decided to turn off comments.
    You can refer to the post and the previous comments to see if your issue has been addressed. For more complex issues, please visit Admissions Block (where the office for academic registrar is located). Thanks once again.

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