Divert Safaricom Calls and Get Messages Using This Method

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How can I block annoying and unprofessional phone calls? Like not totally blocking, but I’ll receive notifications that someone tried to call me?

Well, I understand your pain.

Some people are very idle (and they will start calling after every few minutes as if you are as idle as they.)

This simple guide will teach you how to divert Safaricom Calls and get messages. This way, they will think that you are “mteja,” but you’ll know they tried to contact you.

Whether you choose to call back or ignore them – it’s your choice!

This practice is also known as “Dunga” and if you are looking for how to turn Safaricom Dunga On/Off, continue reading below.

How to Divert Safaricom Calls and Get Messages

  1. Dial **21*0722199199#
  2. You’ll see a popup menu showing “Call forwarding Registration was Successful.”
  3. All calls you’ll receive from now on will get diverted, and you’ll receive an “I tried calling you” message.
call forwarding registration

Let me explain.

0722199199 was a number set up by Safaricom to be always unavailable/offline. So, if you forward your calls to this number, the other person will think you are unreachable. At the same time, the service will notify you that so and so tried to call you.

Bingo! You have successfully diverted all calls.

But what if you want to start receiving calls again?

How to Remove Call Forwarding on Safaricom

To remove Safaricom’s Call forwarding feature, dial ##21#.

You’ll start getting calls again if you disable call forwarding.

call forwarding erasure

Final Word

We all know that rejecting phone calls from friends, family, or colleagues can make you called names such as “rude” and “unsocial.”

This method is helpful for those who want to avoid the above situation but simultaneously minimize those annoying calls.

NB: Memorizing these codes can be challenging. I suggest you create a new contact, save it as Activate, and input **21*0722199199# as the phone number. Also, save another contact as Deactivate and input ##21#. You can turn it ON or OFF as you like.

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