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Let me assume you have properly revised the course PDF sent by your lecturer for the specific unit. Now that the Kenyatta University main examination is just around the corner, you are looking for past papers to gauge your understanding of the topics?

Okay, I Gerrit.

Maybe you asked for past papers in your Unit’s WhatsApp groups and as usual, got ignored by fellow students – because they were ‘seriously discussing’ whether to spend the weekend in Juja or Thika?

I have found myself in that situation several times and believe me – it is not fun either!

That is why I dedicated some of my time to learning the easiest way to download past papers for any unit offered at KU.

(You can buy the past papers from KM – but considering the fact that they charge exorbitant prices for poor quality and probably outdated materials, it is not a good option either.)

Unbeknownst to many people, the post-modern library staff have uploaded online high-quality past questions and answers for several units and departments.

If you have been searching for past papers for schools of education, commerce, humanities, engineering, and others, your problems have been fully solved. PDF for different units such as Communication Skills (UCU 110) can now be easily downloaded.

Stories aside, let’s dive in.

Step By Step Procedure for Accessing Kenyatta University Past Papers

1. Open your browser window and go to the official Post-Modern Library Website. (Please note that if you already have an account there, you can skip steps 1 to 4 and proceed to step number 5 directly).

download ku past papers 1

2. Scroll downwards until you find a place to register as shown in the image below. The link for registration can be found here. (You can continue reading up to the end before clicking on it).

download ku past papers 2

3. Fill in the details as shown below.

download ku past papers 3a
download ku past papers 3b
download ku past papers 3c
download ku past papers 3d

4. After creating a new account, an email with a link for activating your account will be sent to your corporate email account. You will click on that link and set your password when prompted to do so. Remember the password, because we will use it later on.

5. Go to (do not forget that it is but not Then click on PAST PAPERS. This is now the website for Kenyatta University’s Institutional Repository.

download ku past papers 5


6. Clicking on PAST PAPERS will force you to log in. Enter your corporate email and your password.

download ku past papers 6

7. And Gbam! Thousands of Kenyatta University past question papers are now at your fingertips. You can navigate by School or Department:

download ku past papers 7

Or you can even decide to search for a specific unit by its title or unit code:

download ku past papers 8

Pretty cool – isn’t it?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Difference between and is the Post-Modern Library Online Catalogue. This is used to search for the exact physical shelf location of a book found at the Post-Modern library found at KU’s main campus. is used to access the off-campus online journals, books, and past papers. In simple terms, it is the database that holds billions of books but in soft copy format (PDF).

What is Kenyatta University Institutional Repository and How to Access it?The Institutional Repository is the collection of research papers, theses and dissertations, book reviews, and past papers found in Kenyatta University’s online database. As I explained earlier, it can be accessed from

Can I Use the Digital Library to Download Notes and Books



This was a comprehensive guide on how you can download Kenyatta University’s past papers for any unit.

Fun fact – I recently learned that Kenyatta University pays a whopping Ksh. 15 million annually so that the KU students can access these premium books for free. But are the students themselves maximizing the use of these resources? Well, that is a story for another day!

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