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 These days most people, for some reason or another, don’t believe in supernatural events.

If you are one of those people, this story may come as a real shocker.

Winnie Achola is a first-year student at Kenyatta University pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics.

In an interview with KUtv, she narrated how she encountered face-to-face with what she believes is a ghost. The following is the story in her own words:

“To start from the beginning, I reside in Lukenya Hostel, block 4. It was on Thursday night when it happened.

I don’t know if it was the half-cooked Ugali I had eaten from the mess or other issues which made me to rise up at 1 am.

Aaaargh! Njeri, my roommate, was snoring loudly as usual. Not wanting to wake her up, I tiptoed silently from the room to go to the washrooms.

The night sky was covered in an ominous dark cloud and the wind was still. It also seemed that the stars were overwhelmed with sleep such that they had fallen into a deep slumber.

In short, apart from the electric bulbs, everything was as dark as it can be. I had nothing to fear, as I knew that Lavington Security guards were as usual patrolling the school.

If I had known what was about to befall me, I would have returned to my cozy bed, the diarrhea notwithstanding!

The washrooms were at the end of the long corridor at the furthest end nearer to the Kilimambogo hostel. As I walked down the corridor, the only electric bulb overhead started to fade out and eventually dimmed.

This ought to have creeped me out but I always knew that that bulb was on its ‘deathbed’. I made a mental note to inform our housekeeper the following day.

I took out my phone and turned on flashlights. The door to the washrooms creaked loudly as I pushed it open and entered.

The bulbs in here had been dysfunctional since time immemorial but no one had bothered to replace them. Well—except for exceptional cases like mine—who would come here in the dead of the night?

While I was in the washrooms going about ‘my business’, I turned on the data connection on my phone. It is sad that Eduroam Wi-Fi signal didn’t reach here.

As usual, on opening WhatsApp, the chats from the groups started popping up in my notification area.

Ati you have 2700 messages from 56 chats. But who cares to read them? Apart from a few important notifications from class reps, I usually don’t read the nonsense my fellow freshers post in the groups.

I finished relieving myself and stepped out of the toilet.

I stared at my face in the mirror as I washed my hands at the sink. I thought to myself: tomorrow I must remember to replenish my stock of blue lipsticks when I go to KM Market.

Wait, what was that!!! I had caught a glimpse of a figure in white clothes in the mirror. I turned back in time to see it—or him—appearing through the wall. It had the shape of an old man, with hoods covering its tiny reptilian head.

From under the hoods, I could see two red eyes burning like coal as the creature stared at me as if it had just gotten an appetizing supper.

ghost in kenyatta university main campus

I wanted to scream, but for the first time, my mouth failed me. The shadowy figure walked, or rather floated towards me. By that time, I was shaking to the bones and I clutched my phone closer to my chest, as if it would offer me any protection from this evil beast or whatever its name.

I came to learn later that unknowingly, my shaking hands had opened the camera app. Unintentionally, I had snapped several pictures of the ghost.

The thing stopped several meters away from me and whispered, “Don’t get too careless my girl. Let them not see you coming. You better keep yourself small!” If I am not wrong, that is the exact words the thing said to me.

Then the thing disappeared through the nearby wall, leaving me shaking. If it were not for the fact that I had just emptied my bladder, I would have wetted myself.

After standing there transfixed to the spot for about an hour, my senses returned to me and I dashed out of the washroom.

The bulb which had previously dimmed out was on but I was too shaken to notice that small detail.

I don’t know if I closed the door to our room as I literally flew into my bed and covered myself with my blankets. Njeri, perhaps a little disturbed by my commotions, yawned loudly and continued with her loud snores.

With trembling hands, I tried to switch off my phone. It was then I realized that I had taken the pictures of that thing!

For the sake of some people, I would not describe how it looks like but believe me it’s scary.

The first thing tomorrow morning, I would go to the VC’s office and tell him my story, I said to myself.

Going to VC’s office seemed like a fantasy to many students because apart from the Matriculation Day, we had never seen him.

Where the heck does he go?

But I resolved to do it the first thing in the morning. “Erico, stop it, I don’t like it,” Njeri continued to mutter in her dreams.”

Up to that point is the story of Winnie in her own words. But why did she go to KUtv the following day instead of going to VC’s office? Let’s find out.

“Why didn’t you go to the VC’s office in the morning?” posed Jose, the KUtv presenter.

“It is because of my phone. Since this morning, it’s not working. I even took it to Dean of the School of Engineering but he assured me that the phone was just fine. I don’t know why it has refused to boot!” Winnie whimpers.

“Hey, that’s bad news. Winnie, before we close our talk show: “The Ganja Lies” what do you want to tell our viewers?” Jose asked smiling broadly.

“Freshers, don’t get too careless. Let them not see you coming. You better keep yourself small!”

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