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At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, most Kenyan Universities adopted e-learning as an alternative to traditional classroom teaching.

But one thing became apparent: the cost of internet bundles was very high and unaffordable to most students.

That is why Kenya Education Network Trust (KENET) partnered with several Kenyan universities and colleges to provide subsidized educational bundles to students and staff members.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to purchase the educational bundle if you are a university or college student in Kenya.

How to buy Educational Bundle

To buy the educational bundle, you need to fill out the KENET Registration Form and submit your phone number for whitelisting. After that, you can dial the code *544*60# and purchase it. It supports Safaricom, Airtel, and Telkom lines.

For the full procedure, continue reading.

1. Fill out the Form

Visit the official KENET DATA Pass registration page at

(Note: you can come back and click on this link after reading the entire article).

Enter the following details:

  • Names
  • Gender
  • Institutional Email Address (one provided by your institution, i.e.,
  • Name of the Institution
  • Category (Staff/Undergraduate/Postgraduate)
  • Registration number/Staff Number
  • Sim Card Provider (Safaricom/Telkom/Airtel)
  • Phone number
  • County
  • Sub County
  • Whether you have a laptop or not
  • Source of Electricity you use (KPLC, Solar, etc)
  • Estimated monthly expenditure on internet bundles

Then click SUBMIT.

Note: please make sure that you are able to access/login into your Institutional Email account.

If not, please contact your institution and they will reset the username/password for you.

For Kenyatta University students, you can learn how to login into your corporate email here.

2. Verify your Email Address

Login into your Institutional Email.

You’ll find an email from KENET containing a link.

KENET education bundle email link

Clicking this link will automatically verify your ownership of the email (proving that you are a student or staff).

In case you didn’t receive an email after submitting the form, check your JUNK/SPAM folder.

Phone number verification for buying Education Bundle

Note: After submitting the details, you’ll have to wait for a few days for KENET to confirm your identity. The waiting period can take a maximum of two weeks.

3. The Actual Purchase

Dial *544*60# on your phone. Then choose option 1 to buy it.

The interface will look as shown below (I used Safaricom):

Buy education bundle


Pay 500 for 10GB Education Bundle safaricom

The charges are Ksh. 500.

The amount of data you receive depends on the network:

  • Telkom – 10GB
  • Safaricom – 10GB
  • Airtel – 12GB

The expiry date of the bundles is one month after purchase.

The bundle can only be extended by purchasing a similar bundle.

Final Word

That was the complete guide on how to buy education bundles for approved universities and colleges in Kenya.

But you should note that you can only use it to access predefined sites such as student portals, e-learning platforms, and online libraries.

Please consult your institution on the scope of coverage of the education bundle.

Well, if you have been thinking of using the bundle to stream YouTube or live games sorry to disappoint you. It won’t work.

If you have any questions about the KENET internet bundles you can ask in the comments. I would be more than happy to help you.

(I have compiled a list of the worst universities in Kenya. Check whether your institution has been included).


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