How to Change Course in Kenyatta University (FAST APPROVAL)

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Have you been admitted by KUCCPS to Kenyatta University and want to change your School and/or Course?

Or are you a continuing student who for one reason or another wants to change your course of study?

Well, if you fall into any of the above categories of students, then this post is meant for you.

Inter/Intra school transfer at Kenyatta University is the process of changing your course to another one. One can change course provided that he/she meets two conditions:

  • You must meet the cut-off points for the course you want to join. For example, if the cut-off point is 34.5 and you scored 34.4 during KCSE, Kenyatta University administration will NOT allow you to do the course.
  • You must apply for a change of course within the specified time frame. (This is usually the first two or three weeks after the start of an Academic Semester.

Now, let’s dive into the step-by-step procedure below.

Online Kenyatta University Inter / Intra School Transfer Procedure

The online transfer portal of Kenyatta University can be found at A student is required to scan his/her result slip and upload it whilst making the application. If you are a New First-Year and you joined KU through the KUCCPS inter-University transfer mode, you will be required to provide your KUCCPS portal login details.

Changing Your Course Physically After Reporting to School for Face-to-Face Learning

What if your online application for changing course did not go through?

No need to worry.

To change the course at Kenyatta University, you need to fill the inter / intra school transfer form and take it to the Academic Registrar’s office. You can successfully change your course within two weeks if you follow this procedure correctly.

You only need to concentrate on the steps below:

  1. Download the Inter/Intra School Transfer form by clicking here. Then print the form at your nearest cyber. (If this link is no longer available or appears broken, contact us ASAP).
  2. Fill the form. Ensure that you provide a valid reason why you want to change your course, such as “Not my preferred career path” etc.
  3. Attach/staple it together with a photocopy of your result slip.
  4. Drop it at Admissions Block First Floor (Room 105 or 106) within the first two weeks after the start of the semester.
  5. Your application will be processed and a list of the successful applicants is put on the notice boards of the respective schools.
  6. You will be given two Transfer of Course letters. Then, you need to take one to the Office of the Registrar Academics at the Admissions Block and keep the other one.
changing course image

Hurray! You have changed your course. (Well, literally – if you follow the above guide correctly).

If you have any questions, you can drop them in the comment section. I would be glad to be of help.

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  1. Freddy

    I would like to change my course ,is it possible at this time

    1. Moha

      Yes sure. Considering today’s date, you can change your course within 2 weeks at the beginning of the semester.

  2. Boniface Atsanga

    Can you change courses twice

    1. Moha

      Yes, it is possible to change courses more than once.

      But I don’t recommend it though. You will be delayed in graduating if you keep on jumping from one course to another.

  3. Maryanne Aketch

    Where will I be given the two letters of transfer?

      1. Austine

        When changing course do they also check the cut off points?

        1. Moha

          Yes sure.

          KU is very strict when it comes to following rules. When changing courses they will ask for your KUCCPS portal login details and check whether you meet the cutoff points and subject requirements.

          1. Iyadi

            I missed nearly all cats and exams(all units) last semester and this semester too can I change my course and start over again

      2. Maya fey

        I want to do nursing but I haven’t reached the cur off points for it wat can I do

  4. Benard kyalo

    Are the results out?

    1. Moha

      Hello Bernard. I’m not really sure if the Inter/Intra School results are out. Please visit your school and confirm. Results are usually pinned to notice boards in all schools. For example, if you are changing from School of Engineering to School of Medicine, you’ll need to visit Medicine School Notice Board.

    2. Anonymous

      Did you go and check? And if you did did you find the results.

  5. Faith

    Hey if I meet the cutoff points of a bachelor of arts and I wanted a bachelor of science instead. Coz my math grade was low, can I do a bachelor of arts maybe in the first semester and switch to a bsc later on?
    Kindly advise

  6. mr robot

    hello, i want to change my course. is the application open?

  7. Gr

    Can one change campus? I’ve been selected to join Kitui campus but I want main campus for many reasons. How will my case be ?

    1. Vincent

      We have the same issue I was also placed at kitui campus and I wanted the main campus due to some home complications.
      Moha can you please guide us on this

  8. George

    I also I have been selected to join kitui campus and I eagerly wanted to join the main campus

  9. Freddy

    Hello i want to change my course since I’m not suitable with the course they choose for me.. please what can i do

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