How to Connect Your Laptop to Eduroam Wi-Fi (Step by Step Guide)

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I decided to create a free guide that will help others to connect their laptops to Eduroam by themselves. And in this article today, I am going to share with you everything you need to know.

How to Connect Laptop to Eduroam Wifi

1. Open the CONTROL PANEL app on your laptop. Then from NETWORK AND INTERNET tab, select “Network and Sharing Centre”. The screenshots used throughout this guide is for Windows 10 but I know Windows 7 also has a similar interface.

2. Select “Set up a new connection or network”.

connect to eduroam pic 2

3. From the popup menu that appears, select “Manually Connect to a Wireless Network” and click next.

connect to eduroam pic 3

4. Now you will need to add information of the wireless network you want to add. In our case is eduroam (in lower case).  Choose the security type as WPA2-Enterprise and click next.

connect to eduroam pic 4

5. Click on Change Connection Settings.

connect to eduroam pic 5

6. A Dialogue Box like the one shown below will appear. Do not change anything here. Click on “Security” tab.

connect to eduroam pic 6

7. From the Security tab, click Settings. It will take you to a dialogue box where you can modify the settings of the Protected EAP Properties. Untick the checkbox which says ‘Verify the server’s identity by validating the certificate’.

connect to eduroam pic 7a
connect to eduroam pic 7b

8. Click “Configure”.

connect to eduroam pic 8

9. Under EAP MSCHAPv2 properties, untick the checkbox as shown below. Then click OK.

connect to eduroam pic 9

10. Click OK to close this page too:

connect to eduroam pic 10

11. Click on Advanced Settings.

connect to eduroam pic 11

12. You will get to see two tabs. One is 802.1X and the other one is 802.11. Click the second one, which is 802.11. Untick the checkbox to disable the Pairwise Master Key (PMK).

connect to eduroam pic 12

13. Return back to 802.1X settings tab. TICK‘Specify Authentication Mode’ and select type as ‘User Authentication’.

connect to eduroam pic 13

14. Click Save Credentials and it will take you to a new window. Now enter the username and password sent to your corporate email and click OK.

connect to eduroam pic 14

15. You are done! Click OK/Close to close all the open dialogue boxes.

The next time you are in area where there is an Eduroam Wi-Fi, your computer will connect automatically.

connect to eduroam pic 15

Bonus Tip: How to Connect Your Android Phone to Eduroam

I have added a bonus tip on how you can connect your mobile phone to Eduroam. Follow the steps shown in the picture below. Then enter your password and click connect.
connect android phone to eduroam
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