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Every serious organization needs some kind of communication platform that would facilitate sending of information between different members.

At Kenyatta University, this platform is known as Corporate Email (or sometimes, the student email).

Corporate email in Kenyatta University is used by school administrators such as Academic Registrar, Deans, and Vice-Chancellor to send emails to all students.

It is also used for communication purposes between different schools and departments. Lastly, students can also attach and submit assignments to their lecturers through the same platform.

Another important function of student email is that you can use it while buying Educational bundles (10GB for Kes 500.)

Kenyatta University Corporate Email Creation

How do I open a corporate email at Kenyatta University?

This is a common question that I hear from most people joining the institution for the first time. If you are one of them, then continue reading below.

KU Administration automatically creates corporate emails for all students joining the institution.

When you are registering for the first time, whether as First-Year KUCCPS or SSP student, your corporate email address is sent to you through the personal email you provide.

It is usually in the format, whereby 9324 is your middle registration number and 2040 is your year of admission. To log in, you need to visit or use Gmail App.

In case you didn’t receive / or you forgot your corporate email address, there is a portal you can visit and check your allocated address.

kenyatta university student email

In case the above method did not bring out your email address, you need to submit a ticket to the ICT Department and they will create one for you.

I Have Forgotten My Corporate Email Password. What Should I do?

Passwords. It holds the Guinness World Record for being the most forgotten thing in the world.

If you forget your email password, there are several ways to retrieve it:

  1. Try entering your full registration number. This is because the full registration number is the default email password at Kenyatta University.
  2. In case the first method fails, you can always submit a ticket and it will be reset for you once again.

Thanks for reading. If you got any questions, you can drop them in the comment section.


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