Kenyatta University Fee Structure for KUCCPS Students (PDF Download Available)

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How much is the school fees at Kenyatta University?

This is one of the most common questions I get to hear from First Years who are about to join KU to study for various academic programs.

Well, look no further. This article explains how much academic and accommodation fees you are supposed to pay per annum, plus the official bank accounts that one is supposed to deposit their fees into.

I have also included a downloadable PDF of the fee structure for the academic year 2021/2022 at the end of this post.

Explainer: Fee Structure for KUCCPS/JAB Students

The tuition fee at Kenyatta University is Kes 8,000 per Semester. This amounts to Kes 16,000 per year (since students under government sponsorship can undertake only 2 semesters per year).

The accommodation fee for the first and second semester is Kes 3000 and Kes 3500 respectively.

However, there is a catch.

After the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, Kenyatta University’s administration introduced the blended form of learning. This means that students learn online half of the semester and report for face to face for the remaining lectures and examinations.

This has led to the halving of accommodation fees for the KUCCPS students. (At the time of writing this post, students pay Kes 1600 for single rooms, Kes 1400 for double rooms, and Kes 1250 for triple rooms).

The tuition and accommodation fee, coupled with other charges such as medical subscriptions, Examination fees, and sports facility charges, raises the total amount to Kes 41,700 per year.

Official Kenyatta University Bank Account Details

Fees can be paid in any of the following banks in Kenya:

  • Family Bank — Account No. 045000023316
  • Cooperative Bank of Kenya — Account No. 01129062461400
  • National Bank of Kenya — Account No. 0100359150801
  • Equity Bank Limited — Account No. 0180290518859

Note: For faster reflection of fee payment in the student portal, I would suggest you use the National Bank.

Kenyatta University laws state that they do not accept payment of fees in form of cash or personal cheques.

Thanks for reading! You can download the entire fee structure by clicking the button below:

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