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If you are surfing through the internet and you come across this article, it probably means that you are searching for Kenyatta University’s official Fee Structure for Self Sponsored Students.

If you didn’t know before, the fee structure for SSP students studying at Kenyatta University is determined by three factors:

  1. Type of program (Undergraduate or Postgraduate).
  2. Nature of Programme (Art-based, Science-based, etc).
  3. Nationality (East Africans pay a much lower amount than those students who hail from outside the East African region).

What are statutory fees?

This is a fee paid by a student who has been admitted into a public university in Kenya and it is usually remitted by the institution to the Government.

Without wasting much time, let’s jump into the details below.

(Note: This is applicable for the current academic year 2021/2022. However, you should note that these figures might change as time goes by. You can visit the official Kenyatta University website for confirmation.)



East Africans: Kes 100,000 120,000

Non-East Africans: Kes 140,000 175,000

Statutory fees: Kes 26,000.


East Africans: Kes 110,000 140,000

Non-East Africans: Kes 150,000 187,500

Statutory fees: Kes 26,000.


East Africans: Kes 150,000

Non-East Africans: Kes 187,000

Statutory fees: Kes 26,000.


East Africans: Kes 450,400.

Non-East Africans: Kes 712,220

Statutory fees: Kes 55,200.


East Africans: Kes 400,000

Non-East Africans: Kes 515,000

Statutory fees: Kes 55,200.


East Africans: Kes 240,000

Non-East Africans: Kes 295,000

Statutory fees: Kes 55,200.


East Africans: Kes 72,000

Non-East Africans: Kes 125,000

Statutory fees: Kes 26,000.


Tuition fees: Kes 40,000

Statutory fees: Kes 21,300.


Tuition fees: Kes 25,000.

Statutory fees: Kes 10,750.


Tuition fees: Kes 30,250.

Statutory fees: Not applicable.

The above fee structure was for the Undergraduate Self Sponsored students. To see the one for Postgraduate, continue reading below:



East Africans: Kes 120,000

Non-East Africans: Kes 150,000

Statutory fees: Kes 27,500


East Africans: Kes 130,000

Non-East Africans: Kes 175,000

Statutory fees: Kes 27,500


East Africans: Kes 130,000

Non-East Africans: Kes 175,000

Statutory fees: Kes 27,500


East Africans: Kes 400,000

Non-East Africans: Kes 450,000 (For the entire program)

Statutory fees: Kes 32,300.

Ph.D. Fee Structure

East Africans: Kes 200,000

Non-East Africans: Kes 250,000

Statutory fees: Kes 36,300

Well, that was a comprehensive guide to how much a student who is under the Self-Sponsored Programme (SSP) is supposed to pay for tuition and statutory fees at Kenyatta University.

If you need the fee structure for KUCCPS students, you can download it here.

Note: The Fee indicated in this article is charged per year.


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  1. Nelly

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    1. Moha

      It’s per year, let me update the article and clarify properly.

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  3. Brian Mwangi

    Hello Moha.

    If your calling off letter does not get approved, does that mean I’ll lose sponsorship with the government? Looking forward to your reply.

    1. Moha

      Hello. You won’t lose the govt sponsorship.

  4. Anonymous

    Hello Moha.on your previous post you said that KU admission is valid for two year.i was called in KU but didn’t report nor write a call off I was asking if right now I want to report since my problem was solved,will I be able to join ASAP or I’ll have to wait and join with others?

    1. Moha

      Hello too. Yes that’s true. It is valid for two years.
      It’s your choice to report now or wait for others. However if you choose to report now you’ll find that your classmates are in the second semester and you’ll have missed an entire sem. This will become difficult for you as some units require that you’ve done the prerequisites earlier on.
      Ultimately it’s better if you choose to wait for the next academic year (beginning September) and report with new cohort.

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    I am Cynthia I didn’t manage on my cluster points on kupps but I would like to join as self sponsor kindly how much per year

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    What do you mean by tuition fee 150,000, in per semester how much would one pay?

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    Hello I want to take diploma in education science as self sponsored student online how much is the school fees

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