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When I first got admitted into Kenyatta University through the KUCCPS program, I was faced with a major concern: whether I would have my own hostel at the main campus.

I was just a naïve fresher, not knowing anything about campus life.

Fast-forward many Academic Semesters later, I can now consider myself an expert in matters related to providing useful information on my website

So, if you have been searching online about the Kenyatta University First Year Hostel Allocation details, then I have great news for you.

In this article, you will learn about different types of hostels at KU, their names, hostel rules and whether first years are automatically given rooms.

Room Types

Different rooms come with different prices. These will be paid as the Accommodation fees at the beginning of each Semester. I recommend downloading the complete FEE STRUCTURE PDF.

The rooms are classified as Single, Double, or Triple depending on the number of occupants. Single rooms are the most expensive while triple is the cheapest.

{Note that Hostel Allocation is done on a random sampling of students and that you do not choose the type of room you are given.)

Hostel Names

The student residences at Kenyatta University are divided into 3 zones for administrative purposes. The zones are stated below:

Eastern Zone

The following hostels are found in the Eastern Zone, stretching from Campanile to Hockey Fields.

  1. Mfumbiro Hostel – Male
  2. Nyandarua – Male
  3. Old Menengai – Male
  4. New Menengai 1 and 2 – Female
  5. New Menengai 3, 4, 5 and 6 – Male
  6. New Aberdares – Female
  7. Old Aberdares – Female

Western Zone

  1. Ngong – Female
  2. New Ruwenzori – Male
  3. Old Ruwenzori – Famale
  4. Usambara 1 – Female
  5. Usambara 2, 3, 4 and 5 – Male
  6. Longonot – Male
  7. Kilimambogo – Male
  8. Lukenya Hostel – Female

Nyayo Zone

  1. Nyayo 1 – Female
  2. Nyayo 2 – Female
  3. Nyayo 3 – Male
  4. Nyayo 4 – Male
  5. Nyayo Flats – Male
  6. Nyayo 5 – Female
  7. Nyayo 6 – Female

The above hostels are found on the Main Campus. However, there are several hostels found in the Ruiru Campus for housing Self-Sponsored Students (SSP):

  1. Chania – Male
  2. Athi – Female
  3. Tana 2, 3 and 4 – Male
  4. Tana 1 and 5 – Female

Kenyatta University Hostel Photos

{Note: I do not own the rights to these photos.}
nyayo zone
ngong hostels
old aberdares

Now, having learned about the names and the different types of rooms and names of the hostels, let us go to the Major Question you might be asking:

Are First Years Automatically Given Hostel Rooms at KU?

Kenyatta University Administration guarantees automatic accommodation for all first-year students under KUCCPS. It is only the continuing students who need to apply for hostels. But First Years do NOT need to apply. SSP students are given rooms at Ruiru Campus as stated earlier.

Joining students are cautioned not to send money to anyone for the purpose of securing accommodation.

kenyatta university first year hostel allocation

In case of any inquiries regarding hostels and accommodation, you can visit the Directorate of Accommodation Affairs, located near the Twin Towers and Amphitheater.

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KU Hostel Allocation Status

The school administration has provided a link for first-year students to check the hostels they have been allocated. Just click on this link = and input your registration number as shown below:

KU Hostel Allocation Status

Just a piece of advice though, do not think of buying or selling rooms at KU. It is considered a serious offense and if caught doing so, you might face serious disciplinary actions. You can refer to the complete list of Hostels Rules at KU.


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