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GPA (which stands for Grade Point Average) is an indicator of how best – or worst – you are performing in any higher institution of learning.

At Kenyatta University, GPA is one of the most important metrics that student keep their eyes on all the time. This is due to the unexplainable fact that once your GPA drops even by 2%, it will take ages and lots of dedication to raise it up again. 

Let’s dive in.

How to Calculate GPA at Kenyatta University

GPA in Kenyatta University is calculated by dividing the total sum of all the marks scored by the total number of units. Kenyatta University uses the percentage GPA style, unlike other institutions which uses the 1.0 – 5.0 or A – F styles.

We know that KU examines all the units done by a student out of 100%. Then the following grading system is used to assign grades based on the performance of the student in that particular unit:



70 – 79


60 – 69


50 – 59


40 – 49


1 – 39



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Practical Example of GPA Calculation

I will use an example of a fictitious student named John to practically demonstrate how GPA is calculated.

Let’s assume John did seven units in the First Semester while he was a First-Year student at KU. He scored as follows:

  1. Basic Life Support – 59
  2. Fundamentals of Nursing I – 80
  3. Communication Skills – 90
  4. Medical Biochemistry – 77
  5. Community Health Nursing – 62
  6. Embryology – 70
  7. Human Physiology – 30

The total sum is equal to 59 + 80 + 90 + 77 + 62 + 70 + 30 = 468.

The total number of units is 7.

Do not forget that we said that in calculating the GPA, we divide the total sum by the number of units.

Hence, John’s GPA for the first semester in Kenyatta University is 468 / 7 = 66.86.

In the Second Semester, let’s assume he did another seven units and scored as follows:

  1. Reproductive Health – 28
  2. Advanced Human Physiology – 55
  3. Clinical Pharmacology – 30
  4. Pathology – 69
  5. Immunology – 81
  6. HIV and AIDS – 95
  7. Biostatistics – 40

Now to Calculate the GPA, we will add all the marks beginning from the First Semester and divide by the total number of units which is now 14.

Total Sum = 468 + 28 + 55 + 30 + 69 + 81 + 95 + 40 = 866

Units = 14

Current GPA = 866 / 14 = 61.86 (dropped by a whopping 5%).

This process is repeated until you finish your studies at KU.

The final GPA is then what will determine whether you will get First Class Honours, Second Class Honours Upper, Second Class Honours Lower, Pass or Fail during Graduation.

{The course titles used in this exercise have been taken from this page on this site: Bachelor of Science in Nursing}


As you can see, failing in one semester can impact your overall academic performance in the Institution down the line.

That is why it is good to get it right from the start, which is during first year.

I have seen many students who carry themselves around with a don’t-care attitude until it dawns on them in the Fourth Year that they are not able to obtain the First Class Honours they had dreamt of before joining the campus.

Anyway, who am I to judge?

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If you have any other question regarding how to calculate GPA in Kenyatta University, you can drop them in the Comments section.


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  1. Lydia G

    Currently am a fourth year, my GPA reads 48. Incase I get GPA of 70 in fourth year what will be my final GPA?

  2. Brian

    It will be at around 50, coz you shall have overstretched, and congratulations on the fourth-year GPA but it shall add approximately 2 points to your 48.

  3. Simon

    My GPA is 49.44 will I graduate with a second class lower division in education science??

    1. Moha

      Hello Simon. It depends on many factors.
      First, are you in CBC or non-CBC group? CBC group are those education students whose registration number is /2020 and later. For this group, the passmark is 50.
      Secondly, are you in Semester 4.2? If yes, that is 2nd Class Lower. If not, then it is too early to call the shots. You would have other semesters to change your GPA.
      You should note that KU does not round off GPAs. 49.44 is not equivalent to 50.

  4. Minne

    My GPA is 59.77
    I’m in 4.2 but I’m only have 3 units this semester and I’m done,will it add on my GPA
    And if so,what must i score to atleast add the 0.23 to hit 60?

  5. Cyno

    My GPA is 50.42 after completing 49 units and I have one retake. If I do the retake will my GPA rise ?

  6. Cyno

    If someone has a GPA of 50 for 49 complete units and 1 retake, will this GPA rise after doing the retake?

  7. Brian

    Can one retake a unit having scored a D?

  8. Leah

    Hi, can you concert KU GPA to a Cpga and a score percentile of a hundred plizz…with an example of course. Thank you

  9. Mary

    Hi what is the graduation grading system for cbc group

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