How to Download Kenyatta University Admission Letters

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First of all, congratulations on getting admitted to one of the best universities in Kenya.

Being admitted to KU means that you passed your KCSE exams with flying colors while some of your former classmates did not make it. Congratulations once again.

Kenyatta University selects qualified students who had applied for various courses through the KUCCPS portal.

If you are one of the successful students, you might have been notified through SMS or portal about the course which you have been selected to study.

Hence, if you are looking for steps on how to download the Kenyatta University Admission Letters, then read this article carefully. I have also included necessary information on what to do once you report to the Institution as a First-Year.

How to Download Kenyatta University Admission Letters

1. Using Google Chrome or any other suitable browser, visit Then click on the first button as shown below if you have been admitted through KUCCPS. Self-sponsored students should use the second button named SSP Regular.

download ku admission letter 1

2. Enter your KCSE Index Number and click login. The index number should be in the format 12345678901/2022.

download ku admission letter 2

3. After successfully logging in, it will display a page as shown below.

download ku admission letter 3

You can now download your Admission Letter and KUCCPS Joining Instructions. The PDF downloaded will be saved in the Downloads folder of your device. If it asks for a password for opening the file, you should input your KCSE Index Number in the format 12345678901/2022.

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After following the above steps correctly, it means you have successfully downloaded Kenyatta University KUCCPS Admission Letters.

If you get any error like “The Index Number you entered is not found or incorrect”, it means that either you typed it wrongly, or maybe KU Administration has not yet uploaded your Admission Letter. If it is the latter, you only need to be patient for a few days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Change My Course After Reporting Back to School?

Yes, you can successfully change your course within two weeks at the beginning of the Semester. I have written a full article on how to change your course at KU.

Are First Years Given Hostels at Kenyatta University Main Campus?

Read this guide for information regarding hostel allocation for First-Year Students at Kenyatta University.


Life at Kenyatta University is probably one of the most exciting phases of your life.

After downloading your admission letter, make sure that you print it out since it is required on the first day of reporting.

You will use the Admission Letter as your identification document before being issued with a Student ID later on.

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