Kenyatta University Primary School KCPE Results: The Big Question

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You will see them in the morning, you will see them in the evening.

Wearing red (or is it maroon?) school uniforms. Running, walking, shouting, chasing each other – oblivious of the comrades around them.

They walk through the entrance gate freely, as you wait in line to produce your student ID Card.

Well, you might have guessed who am talking about. The One and Only Kenyatta University Primary School Kids.

ku primary kids

This little school, holed up at the furthest corner of Kenyatta University, had me thinking about it for a couple of months.

First, it may be the only primary school in Kenya with the word “University” in its name! I stand to be corrected though. (I am not sure if something like Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology Primary School exists.)

Let’s put that aside for now since there are more burning questions I have.

Who has Ever Heard of Kenyatta University Primary School KCPE Results?

Probably no one.

I remember googling about the performance of our neighboring siblings every time KCPE Results is released but to no avail. (Of course, I cannot walk up to Headteacher’s office and demand to be shown their academic results!)

I am not suggesting or implying that they are failing, but why all the secrecy? Well, if you had ever attended KU primary and you are currently reading this article you can tell us more in the comments section.

kenyatta university primary school

Hopefully one day, we might be able to unravel the mystery behind Kenyatta University Primary School.

Brainstorming by Moha.

Location – Baze ya Jaba, KM.


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  1. Samuel k

    Kenyatta university is a good public primary school.number of candidates ranges from 880 to 185 pupils.They do score between above 270 mean grade in 2021 kcpe they had a mean grade of 290 marks .2022 still not aware.

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