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WhatsApp groups are one of the best methods to connect with fellow students. With over 2 billion daily active users in the world, the social networking platform enjoys large popularity, especially among students.

At Kenyatta University, WhatsApp groups are mostly used as communication mediums to communicate important information such as CAT dates, lecture times, and venues.

It also acts as a socialization platform where students get to know each other better and share their daily stories and jokes.

So, if you are looking for instructions on how to join KU WhatsApp groups, I have created a detailed guide for you.

(Note: If you are an Online Marketer looking for random groups to join and spam with their links beware! You will get axed and quickly removed by group admins, who are usually the no-nonsense Class Representatives)

Ways to Get Kenyatta University WhatsApp Group Links

1. Look for a friend who is currently in studying the same course and instruct him/her to send you the links.

2. If you do not know anybody in KU, go to your department. They will provide you with the timetables and the Contact of the Class Rep. You can call the class rep so as to be added to the WhatsApp groups. This method works best if you are reporting to the Institution for the first time.

3. Or contact the KUSA student leaders at BSSC’s first floor. They usually are in nearly ALL Kenyatta University groups and can provide you with the links for the First Year WhatsApp groups.


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