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A few years ago, it was virtually impossible to get your Academic transcript from Kenyatta University whenever you needed it.

The transcripts office would take you in circles that the transcripts ‘would be available by next week’. Next week would turn into months and years, and in many cases, students would graduate having never seen what an Unofficial Transcript looked like!

This prompted the student leaders to take up the issue with the school Administration.

In turn, they responded by introducing a new feature in the student portal that would enable students to download their Academic Transcripts whenever needed.

How to Download Your Unofficial Transcript from KU Student Portal

To download Kenyatta University Unofficial transcript, you will need to login into the student’s portal, navigate to the academics tab and click on “Unofficial Transcript”. This will download a PDF file which you can print out.
I have provided the full steps below in this guide.

Step 1

Search for Kenyatta University Student Portal using Chrome or any other suitable browser. Alternatively, you can type

how to download ku unofficial transcript -1

Step 2

From the page that appears, click on Student Portal Homepage.

how to download ku unofficial transcript -2

Step 3

Enter your username and password. Username is usually written in the format 1234.2021 whereby 1234 is your middle registration number and 2021 is your year of admission. The password is provided while registering for the first time.

how to download ku unofficial transcript -3

Step 4

Click these three dashes as shown below. It will open up a side menu.

how to download ku unofficial transcript -4

Step 5

Under the Academics menu, click on Unofficial Transcript.

how to download ku unofficial transcript -5

Step 6

On the next page, click on the file. It will download the Unofficial Transcript into your mobile phone or computer.

how to download ku unofficial transcript -6

Step 7

You can then view it using a suitable application such as PDF Viewer or WPS Office.

how to download ku unofficial transcript -7

Kenyatta University Transcript Sample

The following blurred image shows what a sample of the unofficial transcript looks like. Image credits:
kenyatta university transcript sample
Sometimes, you might find that the school administration has removed the unofficial transcript from the portal. In that case, follow my little trick below:
1. Log in to the portal using your username and password.
2. Then copy and paste (or click) this link:
Note: the above trick may not always work. Ensure that you first log in before clicking.


So, that was the complete guide on how to download Kenyatta University Unofficial Transcript from the Student portal.

You can use it to apply for industrial attachments, teaching practices, or even jobs as you wait to pick up the real certificate from the school premises.

Got any questions? Drop a comment below.


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