How to Transfer from One University to Another in Kenya

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Let’s face it: It is not always that you are admitted to the university of your dream.

Or maybe, you got admitted and later on realized that you made a wrong choice. Or maybe you faced challenges due to unfavorable weather conditions or the institution is very far from what you had previously thought.

In either case, you will be left with only one choice: to transfer to another university. And that is the main reason why you might be searching online and came across this article.

If that is the case, I would like to assure you that you have come to the right place.

How to Transfer from One University to Another in Kenya

There are only two imaginable scenarios in which you might want to change your institution:

1. You have done your Form Four KCSE examinations and you got university placement through KUCCPS.

2. You are already in your Second Year or even Third Year and you want to transfer to another institution.

Well, I will explore both scenarios.

FIRST SCENARIO: How to Change Institution before reporting

When I joined campus for the first time, I remember applying to five different universities through KUCCPS. (During our time it was five slots but I don’t know whether it has changed right now).

The placement service can be ‘heartless’ sometimes because it placed me in an institution that I selected as the last option – number 5!

I had to follow the procedure which I am going to reveal how I changed to my First Choice.


1. Go to the KUCCPS portal ( and log in using your details. Your KCSE Index number would serve as your username while your KCPE Index number or Birth Certificate number is your password.

2. After successfully logging in, click on the tab labeled TRANSFERS. It is usually located at the top of the page.

Tip: Make sure that you are applying for the transfer within the time frame and deadline stipulated by the KUCCPS management.

3. Choose the Program you want to transfer to by entering its program code. Make sure that you meet the cluster points for the University and Course you are transferring to. Also, you need to confirm whether the Institution is currently offering the course.

If you do not qualify, the portal won’t allow you to proceed with the transfer.

4. The portal will now ask you to select a reason for the transfer. From a drop-down menu, you will find reasons like:

  • Medical reasons
  • Persons with disability
  • Financial Reasons
  • Not my preferred program
  • Other

Select the one applicable to you and click next step.

5. You will see a text box labeled “Explain Your Reason for Transfer”. In not less than 300 characters (including space), you should provide a detailed reason why you want to transfer. Please do not fill this box with gibberish or random characters as I have seen most students doing so. Note that the explanation you provide here will be used to approve your transfer.

You would also need to attach supporting documents such as Admission Letters.

6. You would now need to pay the Kes. 1000 Transfer Processing Fee to the KUCCPS Pay bill number using Mpesa. The steps for paying are highlighted below:

  1. Go to Mpesa Menu on your phone
  2. Select “LIPA NA MPESA” and then Pay Bill.
  3. Enter the KUCCPS Business number “820201” and click OK.
  4. The Account number is your KCSE YEAR and KCSE Index Number (without spaces). For example, 201812345678901
  5. Enter amount, i.e., Kes. 1000.

And then wait for the confirmation message from Mpesa. Write down the ten-digit transaction code and type it in the text box for payment confirmation.

Tip: if it shows an error message such as “Transaction record not found”, please wait for a few hours before KUCCPS updates it into their system.

7. You will then wait for the RECEIVING INSTITUTION to accept (or in some cases reject) your transfer request. Keep on checking the KUCCPS portal as transfer results are released within two weeks after the deadline for the transfer application.

8. When the transfer is successful, you will need to download a Transfer Form from the KUCCPS portal and take it to the RELEASING INSTITUTION to endorse your transfer. Later on, you will take this form to the RECEIVING INSTITUTION for Admission.

And that is how you transfer from one university to another through the KUCCPS Platform before admission into the first year.

However, what if one wants to change university after the first year in Kenya?


If you have already been admitted into a college or university in Kenya, and you want to transfer then follow the steps outlined below.

(The steps might differ a bit depending on the university but I think all of them follow the same format).

1. Get all your academic transcripts and fee statements ready.

How to Download KU Unofficial transcripts

2. Download the School Leaving form of your Institution and take it to the different departments for stamping.

3. Apply through the Application Portal of the Institution you want to transfer to.

Note: You can apply first before starting all of this procedure if you are not sure whether they would accept you or not.

4. After your application is approved and you have joined the institution, you would need to talk with the Dean or Academic Registrar of your new school and they would guide you on how to transfer credits. They would check the units you have done in your previous Institution and convert them to the equivalent of the credits of your current Institution.

Note: If you have also changed the course, it means that you will start afresh in the First Year. But if you wish to continue with the same course, there is a high chance you will proceed from where you left off.

As I said earlier, the process varies depending on the Institutions involved. You might need to talk with both Institutions and they would advise you on the correct way of transferring.

That was the complete guide on how to transfer from one university to another in Kenya. In case of any further questions, drop your comment below and I would get back to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do I Change Course in the Same University?

You can do this by filling out an Inter/Intra School Transfer Form provided by the Institution. If it is Kenyatta University, you can check out this article on how to Change Your Course.


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