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Have you ever dreamt about studying a software engineering course at a prestigious Kenyan university?

If yes, then you are in the right place.

In this comprehensive article, you’ll learn:

  • What the course entails
  • Best universities offering software engineering in Kenya
  • Course requirements
  • Subjects needed to pursue the course
  • Marketability and job opportunities after finishing the course
  • Basic course structure

Universities offering software engineering in Kenya

Software Engineering course is offered in the following Kenyan Universities:

  1. University of East Africa, Baraton
  2. Co-operative University of Kenya
  3. KCA University
  4. Kisii University
  5. Kirinyaga University
  6. Multimedia University of Kenya
  7. Muranga University of Technology
  8. United States International University – Africa

What Does Software Engineering entail?

Software engineering is a branch of Computer Science that deals with the design and creation of software applications that solve real-world problems.

Software engineering is very broad, spanning computer programming, web development, and creating desktop and mobile applications.

Entry Requirements

Generally, most universities admit students to their Bachelor of Software Engineering with the following minimum requirements:

  • Mean Grade of C+ in KCSE
  • C+ in both Mathematics and Physics
  • A diploma in Software Engineering/Computer Science/IT student is also eligible.

What subjects are needed to become a software engineer in Kenya?

As we have seen, the following subjects are needed for one to pursue Software Engineering in Kenya:

  1. Mathematics
  2. Physics

Passing one language and one humanity also raises your cluster points, increasing your chance of being admitted.

Software Engineering Course units

  • Computing Mathematics
  • Computer Organization and Architecture
  • Computer Applications
  • Operating Systems
  • Installation and Customization
  • Internet Technologies and the Web
  • System Analysis & Design
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Probability & Statistics
  • Fundamentals of Web Design
  • Principles of Databases
  • Networking Essentials
  • Introduction to Programming
  • Computational Thinking Theory
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Research Skills and Design
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Management Information Systems
  • Application Programming
  • Database design and development
  • Object-Oriented Analysis & Design
  • Assembly Language Programming

This is not the complete list of units though.

The number of units and their titles differ depending on the university you choose to attend. But you should desist from attending any of these worst universities in Kenya. 

binary tree representation in software engineering


Is Software Engineering marketable in Kenya?

Software engineering is one of the most marketable courses in Kenya.

Established and start-up Tech companies are always looking for:

  1. Programmers
  2. Web developers
  3. Game developers
  4. Application / System software developers
  5. Software testers

Apart from seeking jobs, a graduate with a Bachelor of Software Engineering degree can seek self-employment by becoming a freelancer.

Or you can even study up to Masters or Ph.D. and become a lecturer in universities, colleges, and TVET institutions.

Does Technical University of Kenya  (TUK) offer Software Engineering?

No. Software Engineering is not offered at the Technical University of Kenya.

Is Software Engineering offered at Kenyatta University?

The answer is also NO. Kenyatta University does not offer a degree in Software Engineering. You can pursue Computer Science, InformationTechnology or other courses.

You can learn how to download Kenyatta Universities KUCCPS Admission letters here.


That was the complete guide highlighting the universities offering Software Engineering in Kenya.

If you have any questions, you can ask them in the comment section below.


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    Between kisii university and kirinyaga university which is the best in offering software engineering

    1. Tinda

      I think Kirinyaga, simply because it was a constituent college of JKUAT before it got a charter. JKUAT is a renowned university when it comes to technology. I’ll be joining Kirinyaga for software engineering.

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